Ramble Inspired Prints And Illustrations For Those Who Wander and Wonder

Nothing here is exact.

Nothing here is measured.

Just my hand making patterns as it rambles across the page.

I’ve always been a wanderer. Literally in the sense that I’ve lived and worked in five different countries and metaphorically in the sense that I’m a day dreamer. Currently I live in the countryside of Andalusia. I like to work in the mornings with the sound of the neighbouring donkeys saying good morning or in the evenings when the frogs croak good night.

Always there’s the reassuring sound of the ocean in the distance and often the sound of my dog gently snoring under my table.

Living here as only confirmed what I always knew. I have a deep sense of connection to the natual world around me and I feel completely at home wandering the sand dunes, across beaches, into woods and over hills.

Creatively, my mind likes to wander also and generally I have too many projects.With Soul Rambles I aim to collectively co-ordinate my travel tales and wandering art. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Any queries are welcome at  claireiswriting@gmail.com

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