Waves and Stones Dance on Youtube!!

This December, I hit the road again with Paulo and Little Miss Coco. I needed to change the energy around me for the door was closing fast on me. The door to creativity but also general motivation and happiness.  A door which for me, can all to easily shut with the monotony of day to day life which can come all to easily when living in a small town. EVEN if I’m still loving the vanlife!

When travelling solo it is easy to have a feeling of becoming lost and I know I need a stronger purpose. If I just travel, it will not be enough, I need a purpose to my travel. There is a saying, “the teacher appears when you are ready” and recently, two people have inspired me with their Vlogs. The first, Dave Cornwaithe, posted a video on Facebook from somewhere around Ko Pha Ngan Island in Thailand. He was supping around the island but stopped to share his feeling of  buzzing with life as a result of this experience. He described how he was in his comfort zone as he was alone in nature. This is exactly how I feel. When I’m out walking with Coco, I feel confident, I can feel my energy and personal power rise. This is when I feel completely free to be completely happy as I am. Living in a small town makes me feel small and confused as I don’t understand the expectations of the people around me. My anxiety and lack of self esteem grow enormously in these situations.

The second Vlog was from the beautiful Jonna Jinton . She makes living in what must be a very fucking cold and difficult place, seem serene and beautiful. She also describes how she yearned for silence and nature with a desire to create. Again, this is exactly how I feel and I am blessed that I have this time, where I can do it. I can explore the world and explore it creatively but how this exploration will look like I’m not sure. 

So, to get back to the point. I decided to make creativity the purpose of this trip and as I looked at the world around me,  I tried to look with new eyes.  I was lucky to be spending some days by the calm of the Mediterranean sea. Before, I had been by the wild Atlantic but I wasn’t ready to fully embrace Winter and the calm Med days were gloriously sunny and I was so thankful for the calm Mediterranean as this was exactly what I needed. 

Scattered frequently along the beach at Nerja, Andalusia are white pebbles. Pure white pebbles that look like they have been individually polished by the hands of the Med. I took a handful of them and began making patterns and sculptures, then I began taking photos which switched to videos. So here is a creative first for me as I try once more to fully embrace a creative life.

I hope you enjoy the little dance.

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