A Forest Ramble

Waking up in a forest is a very different thing to waking up next to the ocean. 

The immediate difference was the silence. Compared to the sea, the forest seemed silent. Of course this is far from the truth. The forest is alive with the chirps of birds, the buzz of insects and a possible crunch or rustle of something unknown moving in the darkness and it is this unknown factor that created an unnerving difference to me on this particular morning.


That simple act of putting one foot in front of the other soon settled me and my mind began a wonderful foray into the world of metaphors and symbolism. Forests are a creatives delight, So much mystery and magic dwell, particularly on a misty morning like this one and then I found this incredible fungi  … a whole lot of mysterious magic right there, growing over a log.

As I walked higher the forest thinned until it seemed I was walking just into the mist. A little futher, a little clearer, a little further more and then blue sky.  This rich blue sky which is one of the main reasons I love Spain. My heart leaped into full content of being “right here, right now”.


These horses were a friendly face along the path and in the cool of the forest there was a herd quietly grazing. One of the prizes gained when connecting to the magic of quiet spaces.

Seeing the mountain top peeking out from the cloud was the cherry on the cake. My forest ramble took me from a murky beginning to an insightful summit.

Location: Gorbea Natural Park

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