Too Scared to Explore Alone?

Many people (and possibly, it’s more true for women) are frightened to go out hiking or exploring alone.

Perhaps, the silence of natural spaces is too strange?

Maybe the landscape around seems just too big?

Maybe spending time alone is just too lonely?

For anyone who feels like this. I urge you in 2019 to take a walk. Just a little walk … alone!

(photographs are from a roadtrip and hiking trip in Cabo de Gata, Spain, December 2018)



For sure it will not be silent.

Be aware

There will be lots happening around you. Nature is always rustling, moving, growing. It’s not something out to get you! Instead of thinking there’s something lurking in the bushes, be aware of the colours. The contours of the land.


With each step, connect yourself to the ground and affirm, “I’m all right”. This is the perfect time to slow down your thinking and to confirm to yourself “In this moment, everything is A ok!”

The path is not scary and it’s there waiting for you.

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