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Soul Rambles Story

For Those Who Wander & Wonder

Nothing here is exact.

Nothing here is measured.

Just my hand making patterns as it rambles across the page.

I’ve always been a wanderer. Literally in the sense that I’ve lived and worked in five different countries and metaphorically in the sense that I’m a day dreamer.

Currently I am travelling in my minivan, Paulo with my beloved friend, Coco (See our adventures on Insta). Living this way has only confirmed what I always knew. I have a deep sense of connection to the natural world around me and I feel completely at home wandering across sand dunes, beaches, into woods and over the hills.

Creatively also, my mind likes to wander and generally I have too many projects on the go (!) but I love the idea of living with creativity and luckily my vagabond lifestyle helps to fuel this.

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