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Monthly Creative Series 1: Soul Rambles August Creative Circle

Soul Rambles Creative Circle

Hello and welcome to the first in the creative series for the Soul Rambles Creative Circle. Whoop, whoop .. yay! I would recommend also watching the introductory video Also, I’ve created a little workbook to also guide you on how Read more…

Introducing A Monthly Creative Series

Soul Rambles

Jewellery Making

Textur.ise Shell Necklace

I posted back in May how I was beginning to make some jewellery. I’ve made some progress .. slowly! Right at the moment getting hold of the right materials is a little bit tricky as I’m on the road with Read more…

Soul Rambles Creative Circle

Soul Rambles 2019

New creative project beginning August 2019.

Working On Something New

In the past I used to make jewellery so this isn’t really something new but it is something new for Soul Rambles.  About 15 years ago (eek!) I used to have my own little market stall called Natural Existence … Read more…

Mess Around January

I can’t believe January has almost come to an end and it has been what I’m calling “Mess Around January” I’ve been doing just that, messing around with watercolours, lino print and I’ve begun punch needling which I adore. At Read more…