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Textur.ise Shell Necklace
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Broken Shell Necklace by Textur.ise

I posted back in May how I was beginning to make some jewellery. I’ve made some progress .. slowly!

Right at the moment getting hold of the right materials is a little bit tricky as I’m on the road with Paulo.

I’ve made one big decision though and that’s to open my shop under  a different name.


Textur.ise Shell Necklace
Textur.ise Embroidery Hoop Necklace
Shell Necklace by Textur.ise

I may come to regret opening the shop under a different name as I’m giving myself more work and marketing takes work!

I know full well that simply making items and posting online doesn’t create sales.

However, I’ve also a clear idea (for the first time!) in what direction I want to take Soul Rambles so I think seperating them makes sense.

I hope!

Textur.ise will feature jewellery, embroidery art and it will grow as I grow and develop artisically.

Textur.ise Snail Pendants
Broken Shell Bracelet by Textur.ise

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