Monthly Creative Series 1: Soul Rambles August Creative Circle

Soul Rambles Creative Circle

Hello and welcome to the first in the creative series for the Soul Rambles Creative Circle.

Whoop, whoop .. yay!

I would recommend also watching the introductory video

Also, I’ve created a little workbook to also guide you on how to use the theme. You can download it here.

Soooooo, this month’s theme is Vulnerability.

It’s a word that when I began to pop up a lot for me as I began my summer travels back in June. I’ll be sharing where and how it popped up for me over the coming month and also just how I’m going to explore it creatively.  

There’s a couple of things to ignore in the video! It’s not August not July and also reference at the end to a nomads group (something I’ve already scrapped!)

I do hope you join me 🙂

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