Working On Something New

In the past I used to make jewellery so this isn’t really something new but it is something new for Soul Rambles. 

About 15 years ago (eek!) I used to have my own little market stall called Natural Existence … ohh I still love this name. I mainly sold fairtrade clothing, bags and jewellery but then I started to include my own jewellery pieces that I made from recycled materials. That was a long time ago and I haven’t made jewellery since but in the past twelve months the idea has been lurking around in my mind but recently came to the forefront as I got reacquainted with an old book friend.

A book that I knew in the past but lost contact with. In March I  got reacquainted with, “How to Be An Explorer Of The World”. I love it’s little projects and the theme of the book is to look closely at the world around you and it suggests collecting and recording your findings. I don’t really have the space in Paulo my Microcamper for collecting random bits and bobs but being near to the beach, collecting shells was an obvious starting point.

Q But what to do with these shells????

A It’s the perfect time to beging making jewellery again.

soul rambles shell necklace

So! My goal … you heard it here first 😂😂 is to open my online shop by the end of the summer. Beginning with jewellery then adding prints and notebooks later.

I plan to make my pieces incorporating natural materials that I acquire whilst rambling and at the moment I’m using my time to play and create ….. something special for you!


Happy Rambles Folks


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