How Can I Make This Better?

I want soul rambles to be about more than pretty pictures of places.

I want it to be about connection.

I want to make that connection with people so that they do feel something. Feel inspired? Feel calm? Feel joy? Feel enthusiastic? Feel appreciative?

I am lucky that I can devote time to creative living and in reality I need slow living. My body and mind are not designed for the 9-5, busy life that actually doesn’t have to be the norm if it you don’t want it to be.

But what can I share and how can I share it? How can I be original?

I don’t have natural drawing or painting skills. I’m trying my best to discover a style that suits me. Recently I’ve begun to do punchneedling which I’ve really connnected to and I’ve always been interested in writing so maybe creative texts are my place? Then to wander with my camera is something that just makes me happy.

All these things. All these questions!

I guess ultimately, as I mentioned before, it comes down to creative living so I hope throughout 2019 I can find a way to connect with people and of course the soul through creativity.

The quote above comes from a Skillshare class on Visual Storytelling. In January I’m going to devote some time to learning and Skillshare is a great platform. So much to absorb and then translate to myself to see how I can make this better.

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