Mess Around January

I can’t believe January has almost come to an end and it has been what I’m calling “Mess Around January”

I’ve been doing just that, messing around with watercolours, lino print and I’ve begun punch needling which I adore. At the moment I’m staying in an apartment and not doing #vanlife which means I have more physical space which makes it easier to move around and in particular allow things to dry. Come March I’ll be back in my little minicamper van which I don’t consider to be restrictive, it just requires more management.

My goal for 2019 is just to explore deeper the creative process. I do not claim and never have, to be skilled or talented at art but that doesn’t stop me. Everyday I’m willing to “show up” to my passion and continue to mess around šŸ˜‰

Water Colour

My best buy of 2018 was a decent set of watercolour paints. I opted for the Windsor & Newton 45 half pan set I love the ease of using pan paints as opposed to fiddly tubes and the vibrancy of these paints has just brought even more pleasure to the experience of covering a white page with colour. For the moment, I’ve given up on trying to paint anything realisitic. During last summer I went on a sketching workshop and quite frankly I found it stressful. Dealing with perspective hurt my brain and it killed a lot of the enjoyment so during Mess Around January I’ve just been going mad, slooshing and swiping paint and it’s been great.

Lino Print

Two years ago, I thought my creative journey was going to centre around linoprinting but in reality, I haven’t done much of it recently. One factor is that I always have to buy materials online and when moving around, that becomes more difficult. I follow some amazing linoprinters on Instagram such as Rise and Wander and seeing work such as this has given me inspiration again.

Punch Needling

Last year I bought a cheap ass punch needle off Amazon and managed to break it within weeks. For Christmas I got an Ultrapunch Needle (which is still cheap) and also, importantly some Aida cloth. Before I had been using the wrong material and the stitches didn’t hold in the material. I knew before I tried this that I would love it. I love its simplicity. Just, punch, punch, punch. So therapeutic and the texture it creates is so satisfying. It’s possible my shop will open with some punchneedle products. So watch this space!

So that’s it from Mess Around January. In 2019 I’m also keen to begin acrylic pouring and book binding but first my main priorit is getting Paulo ready for some more adventures but of course in February I’ll still be messing around on my creative journey.

love Claire & Coco kisses

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