Finding Inspiration

As I’ve gotten older. I’ve come to understand just how important creativity is to me. Not just as a hobby but in terms of keeping in balance, reducing stress and allowing an output for things I just cannot express otherwise.

It’s something I want to delve into further. I’m interested and actively take part in a number of creative pursuits. Sometimes I think I should knuckle down and just concentrate on one but then I think but I don’t want to lose out in any of the fun off all of it.

It’s the process I love. The transerence of a feeling into .. into something. Sometimes it could be an idea but more often with me, it’s a feeling.

So, in order that I do have something a bit more structured to focus on, I’m going to choose a theme each month. A theme, a topic to delve into creatively and I can dive into it and swim in it in any way I want to!


I’ll be posting on Instagram as well as posting my results on this website. Wish me luck and if you want to join in, then you can get your free workbook.

Thank you!