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Soul Rambles Art From Trash

This idea wasn’t planned, this piece of green plastic just happened to catch my eye as I was on my morning walk with Coco. I guess, somewhere swirling around in my head was the book, How To Be An Explorer Of The World.

Kerri Smith Book

I’ve mentioned this book previously on Instagram but in March when on a trip back to the motherland (Ireland) I picked up this book for 50p in a charity shop. I love it’s theme of exploring our everyday worlds and finding creativity.

So…… as I was taking Coco on her morning walk on the beach. This plastic green grid stuck out like a sore thumb from the beautiful white grainy sand (the sand here at Santo Andre in Portugal¬† is really chunky!) Without thinking too much about it, I just picked it up.

I think also in this creative adventure, I had in my unconscious thinking, the work of Molly Anthony, whom I’ve also mentioned¬†before. She did a whole series of art journalling using objects that she picked up when out walking with her dog.

use trash for creative project
soul rambles windsor newton ink

The structure made it obvious where to start …. simply colour in the squares!!!!

However, in this creative exploration, I did manage to mess up … except no … let’s not use that phrase Claire!

Let’s say that in my first exploration, things didn’t turn out so well.¬†

I stuck the grid down on my page using some masking tape then painted the little squares using Newton Windsor Inks but me being me was too excited to get on with the project, that I didn’t let the squares dry before introducing a new colour. The result when lifting off the grid from the page, was a big splodey mess.

Soul Rambles Art From Trash

Next attempt was using coloured brush pens … a much better idea! Once I had tested the method, I set about creating a pattern. Simples!

soul rambles adventures in creativity

The result, a clean, funky fresh pattern! I could do much more pattern designing with this and definitely have a whole evening of fun.

A simple idea to let your creativity grow.

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