August Pattern Hunting

Soul Rambles came into fruition due to my connection with nature and love of patterns, While I’m rambling with Little Miss Coco, I love to take snaps of the patterns I find. Previously I was trying to group together photos into themes but I’m going to try something new. Each month I’ll do a round up of the patterns I’ve found and it will also act as a nice memory journal of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing each month.


I spent August in the Dordogne area of France, I went to do a work exchange at Nomadways and took the journey in Paulo with Little Miss Coco, accompanying me.

It was my first real stay in France. I ate a mountain of cheese and took pleasure in the pretty, pretty, pretty villages. Also of course there was the Dordogne itself, a lifesaver in the heatwave of this summer. Being used to being able to jump into the sea, I really appreciated being able to jump into this river.

Not only did the Dordogne supply cool water but woodland and trees grew up around it, providing much appreciated shade, especially for my Coco beans.

The images for this month’s pattern finding come from these trees. On my journey up from the south of Spain to France,  I experienced staying in the forest in the Basque country. Admittedly at first I found it a bit eerie but by the end of my time in France, I fully embraced being a forest nymph with it’s fresh smells and snapping twigs .. and I found some amazing patterns.

Trees are amazing. Strong, majestic, mighty and nurturing. There is pure magic in the forest.

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