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Once again I’m thinking about journeys.

Last July I set off on my first big van adventure. Before that I’d been playing it safe, staying in my van around the town I’d been living in. Setting off up north to France felt BIG. I was nervous of what to expect as it was a new way of travelling for me and also, I hadn’t the experience of long distance driving. However, this trip was dictated by time and I didn’t have the space for true exploration as I had to be at a specific place at a specific time. I’d agreed to volunteer in the summer months at Nomadways. In a pattern that is oh to typical for me, I set off on my journey knowing in my secret heart compartment, that I was setting off to a place that wasn’t quite right for me.

“It’s better to have something than nothing” has been a reoccurring theme in my life. When I agreed to do the volunteering, it was before the van conversion and at the time of organising I knew I just wanted to do something different over the summer and the fact that without hesitation they agreed to Coco coming, was an instant seller for me. Don’t get me wrong, Nomadways is a fantastic place, doing great work and I met lovely people .. it just wasn’t what I needed at the time. It was something.

When I set off to teach in South Korea, in my secret heart compartment, I felt some dodgey vibes about the school I was going to work in and hey, ho .. I HATED it … but it was something better than nothing.

So, so, so many times I’ve ended up in situations that aren’t right for me or not what I really want because I’m happy just to have that situation as opposed to being left stranded with no experience at all. On one hand, I have to show appreciation for this part of me as it’s the part that creates movement and action. At the time I went to S. Korea I knew I HAD to do SOMETHING as my life was dwindling on in a direction I didn’t want it to go in. If I hadn’t of gone, I wouldn’t be sitting here now in front of a lake in Portugal with now the time and freedom to roam and explore. For this I am truly appreciative of.

From a very young age, I knew that working a 9 to 5 in an office then going home to make tea just wouldn’t suit. At 18 I took my first big adventure and went to volunteer in Zimbabwe for a year. Whilst travelling in Zambia, I met a young British couple opening up a new backpackers hostel there. They gave me a glimpse of a life I wanted to live. However, I returned to the UK to the route of university and then to the office job.

Now, at exactly this moment I am tweaking this pattern and creating movement in the direction of where I want to go, instead of moving away from where I don’t want to be.

So that is exactly what this journey is about.

Once again, I’ve set off in Paulo my mini camper with my loving co-pilot, Coco. I have no final destination in mind, I just want to escape the heat of Southern Spain with its crowded beaches and head north.

This journey for me is about driving into my creative career. It’s something I both want and need. For a looong time, I haven’t been happy teaching English. It’s been great in that it has funded a lifestyle but it is not funding it enough and it isn’t providing me with a purpose in life. Something which I now need.

Please feel free to join us on both our literal journey and of course creative journey on Instagram and if you are a wandering creative please also join in on my new project.

So Coco .. vamos!

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